Saturday, 9 March 2013

...The no namer

...I don't have a name for this one, to be honest.
But, my mind was in a zombie apocalypse mode, so this is what came out. *cough*Ican'tdrawlegs/feet/shoes*cough*

And the sheet of paper I used wasn't fully A4, so that's why there's a difference in colour with the picture at the top and bottom.



  1. You're so good at drawing, Missy!

    My characters' feet look like sticks XD

  2. Cool!
    You're really good!
    My people's feet look like rocks XD

  3. What? your feet look bad? *Looks at picture again, then again, then again*

    ... nope I don't see a problem with them!

    ... so how are your feet bad?

    I say you have your feet are GOOD not BAD

    so it your feet and legs are GOOD then your picture is GREAT!

    My peoples feet look like balloon feet or 2x smaller than they should XD